Grandma Simple|Zero Trust, Zero Knowledge |Real time Approvals|Passwordless|Biometric|Authentication (IAM)|& KYC|2FA, MFA, SSO|1000+ Apps|& e-Sign|for Individuals|& for Businesses|SAAS / On-Premise

Secure Login with 2FA, MFA, Single Sign-On. eKYC & user's verification - over Web, mobile, phone-call.  It's "Grandma simple" user experience. 2-3 seconds. Trusted Identity based Login, Access, Approval & Authorization service. Secure all apps, every user, every device, all data. Solve instantly security & privacy issues-Password theft, ID theft, attacks like Man-in-the-Middle, Man-in-the-browser, Phishing, Smishing, SIM-cloning, Skimming, user or data hijacking !! Identify a user over phone? like in CRM support, service & sales scenarios, Teller scenario? Legally get a user to digitally eSign a document? Your app, network or device needs to identify your user? Done! and Secure !

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Secure ID is

Secured. finally.

SecureID platform provides Identity, identity authentication, Approvals (for payments for example), and document signing (contracts from example), through Multi factor authentications (7-factor or more), strong tokenization and randomization robust techniques.

A security app for you