Two-Factor Authentication


The only corporate solution
available on the market with
a full on-premise deployment
100% under your control.


Cloud-based and scalable


Deploy Two-Factor Authentication
and the advanced cryptography
of Secure ID and use the Secure ID
Cloud Server for free.


Your own Identity and Access
Management Server

Flexible and strong user security
at all levels designed to fit the
most complex corporate




Built for Business

We’ve been working with companies for decades and we know: You don’t need a solution that defines the requirements, you define them. We help keep administrative costs low and satisfaction high. With our intuitive solutions for your company workflow.



Improve the workflow without interrupting it: Easy roll out for small, medium and big companies.
We offer turnkey-ready setups.
One click and your company are safe from unauthorized access. We take care of the details so you can concentrate on the
important stuff.





User import as easy as it can be: Don’t worry about user compliance by simply linking your user management system to keep all your data on your on-premise server. Or use our easy user import from your user management system. We offer convenient APIs for your system and intuitive import instructions. Maximum security and convenience – no compromises needed.


Your user management system for all your needs. No more inconsistency for user authentication: unite your ID systems in our Secure id Server or add it at additional safeguard. Keep control of possible security threads: Mandatory updates for old operating systems, administrative assignment of IDs, access documentation, automatic key exchange, and validation and customized Two-Factor Authentication when necessary. Your system is only as secure as the weakest unit.


Truly secure login authentication for every single access point with your company ID for each user – online and local, mobile and in your company app. Legally binding signatures, encrypted file sharing and messaging. The universal solution for all your security needs, with Secure ID.