2 Factor Authentication, Login for your Accounts!

1st off – Your data is with YOU. On Your phone. Secure, Encrypted.
2nd – Only you can unlock it. Only you can see it. Only you can use it.  Either Biometric or PIN or both.
3rd – Top of the line encryption secures it. Security, as good as it gets !!. TRULY !!.

SecureID uses “Zero Knowledge Architecture”. Even our engineers or software can not see your Logins, Passwords or OTPs. They are offline, on your device. Most other providers risk your login data, and sometimes in more-than-one ways.

SecureID phone app, lets you generate 2-Step Verification codes on your phone for 100s of Web & Phone applications. And what’s more, the app lets you easy copy-paste Or even autofill on browser side.
You probably already know about benefits of 2-Factor-Authentication – and the fact that current world of dozens of accounts & passwords and hackers – it is now absolutely necessary to  keep your accounts, user-credentials or logins safe & secure, and use a 2FA application.

Now maybe you have used Google Authenticator (TM), or Authy (TM) and similar? These 2-Step-Verification code generator apps? Or Timebased OTP code generators (aka TOTP)?
We – SecureID- are much better, hugely more convinient – Please just use SecureID. And you will thank us.
Why? Convenience of auto-filling (copy-pasting) the 2FA CODE into your Applications. Why should you waste time copying Codes, mentally focussing a few annoying numbers to be typed ?
Security is the best – we don’t generate them locally on Web browsers (ohh browsers are so vulnerable), instead we transmit them super-encrypted (ohh others do a poor job of using symmetric keys common & vulnerable to all). And we provide auto-backup and cloud-backup, in the case that you will need to change your phone (and you will, its our users most prominent & common experience & feedback). And of course the backup is totally in your control – on your device and your google drive (not like some of the others, leaving it vulnerable again on their servers and where not!!). Hey you delete the app, change your phone – you dont get locked out (internet is full of anguish-filled horror stories of 1000s of users, due to other apps, who did not care, helping solve a complex security issue in your life, by adding more complexity and not taking care of complexity that they introduced). We are grand-ma simple. 🙂

Plus SecureID is one single app that provides it all, at one place – passwordless logins, super-secure logins, Push-Authentication, Push-Approvals, MFA / 2FA, SSO, 2FA Codes, Locking Macs, PCs, your servers, (u2F compliance & h/w coming soon), for both your consumer and business digital lives.

By the way these 2FA codes (or TOTP or Time based OTP codes) are uniquely associated to each account. A fresh one is generated every 30 seconds. With time-based OTP, the TOTP validation server side Apps e.g. popular apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. can safely validate against the OTP that you provide from SecureID application.

Bottomline is – within seconds you enable say Facebook account login to work with SecureID generated codes and voila – now you are safe from hackers, fraudsters getting into Fortnight, Facebook, and 100s and 100s of our valuable internet applications.


How ?
– Scan a QR code at the applications. Say Facebook account
– SecureID app gets paired with your Facebook account. Starts generating codes, refreshing every 30 seconds.
– You use the code into facebook login. Just click on the SecureID phone app side to copy paste into FB side.
– Oh yeah, its worry free now. Every account that you linked is now backed into your device. And if you want Google Drive. So you restore within Seconds, even if you accidentally deleted the app, want to change your phone etc. We really thought this through


2FA – Stands for Two factor authentication, think of it as Logins / Authentications that include a second factor besides your password. (Say) your fingerprint, a code that only you can receive SMS-OTP, etc. And ideally on an out-of-band-channel or Second channel. This helps protect against fraudsters, hackers, man-in-browser, man-in-keyboard, or man-in-the-middle phishing, smishing attacks.

MFA –  Stands for Multi-factor authentication. Clearly, we go beyond just the 2nd factor and include further more rules, factors like your location, IP address, your trusted device that is needed, and maybe last 5 transactions context detection to safely approve or protect you from Fraudsters and hackers, man-in-browser, man-in-keyboard, or man-in-the-middle phishing, smishing attacks.



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Why 2 – Factor Authentication is useful? 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an effective and easy way to keep your users, customers and your business safe. The best 2FA or MFA solutions eliminate frustration and allow you to do what you do best – without compromise and without fretting about vulnerabilities.

The password – guardian of your most confidential information. And, in today’s world, the greatest threat to your security. Many passwords can be cracked in a matter of minutes, while users are falling victim to phishing scams with alarming regularity.

2FA or MFA solves this problem, simply and effectively. The solution provides an additional (and crucial) security layer – sending a code to a device or portal the user has exclusive access to. This straightforward supplementary step addresses the vulnerability of password-only log-ins.






Use backup feature incase you lose your phone. We encrypt your data, and only decrypt on the devices using a password only you know.




Easy to setup 2FA for any account. Encrypt your 2FA data and backup to our cloud, without storing passwords.




Manage devices and account information directly from the app. Access your 2FA tokens on iOS & Android devices.




Secure ID Authenticator.

Visit Secure ID youtube channel for how to login 100+ Apps with Secure ID Authenticator (TOTP) App.

Secure every Application, every Digital access – whether its the Individual or Enterprise user.

100+ Authenticator Application to integrate Fast & Secure.



Enable TOTP for your Favorite sites.

Go beyond the password and protect yourself from hackers and account takeovers.



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