A new way to lock your Mac. Just walk away.

Use your  phone to lock and unlock your Mac automatically. Walk away from your Mac, it will lock all by itself. Return and it will be unlocked, like you never left.

Configure the distance & range (near or far) whereby your Mac should Auto-lock / Auto-unlock sensing your phone’s proximity.

You could setup an additional Biometric confirmation (face or fingerprint recognition), besides the device-proximity, coz frankly – its easier & safer than typing the whole password. No more worries about “presentation-room” logins or “over-the-shoulder” onlookers.



Download your SecureID-MacLock here !

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Download SecureID mobile app ( iPhone or Android ) and pair with companion app on your MAC. 



How to use MacLock?

We’ve been working with companies for decades and we know: You don’t need a solution that defines the requirements, you define them. We help keeping administrative costs low and satisfaction high. With our intuitive solutions for your company work flow.



Download & Install SecureID-Maclock on mobile and Mac.

You just need the application for mobile & Mac.





Scan the QR code shown on the MacOS app.

From the phone app, scan the QR code shown here on the MacOS app. Scanning the QR displayed on MacOS pairs (links) this Mac and your phone with each other. And voilla – you are all SETUP !!




Tap to Lock Unlock you Mac or by moving closer & away.

Lock / Unlock, simply by moving your phone away from your computer. Or by pressing the LOCK /UNLOCK button on the Phone application.



Connect Multiple Macs just by pairing. Simple!

Control multiple Macs to Lock & Unlock your multiple MAC’s. Just pair devices as much as you want or control many Mac’s with your one mobile device.



How secure is my info? My password?

    Don’t worry we encrypt your password info, and then store it locally into super-safe Apple’s Keychain secure store (local on the Mac system itself). And relax your password is never transmitted outside of Mac and is stored locally. There is no danger in this.




What about drain for my phone Battery?

    No worries here. SecureID Maclock is designed for NOT draining the battery on your Phone and Mac. BLE or Bluetooth Low energy is the underlying technology. Can be used all day long without any Battery Drain.